Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use VISTA?

Nothing! VISTA is free to use.

Who will be able to see my videos?

Uploaded videos are anonymously available to participants, who will provide feedback on the safety and technique of the operating surgeon. No patient, surgeon, or hospital identifying information will be available to reviewers, and no other individuals will have access to your videos.

Can I review other people’s videos?

Yes. Once you have registered, you may review and give feedback on other videos.

How much CME will I earn?

On a quarterly basis, you will be able to claim CME hours concordant with the time spent interacting with videos on the site.

How much time will the submission process take?

Video submission is easy! We simply ask a few questions about the case.

How much time will the video review process take?

Although operative videos vary in length, you may skip ahead or fast-forward at your discretion. Our analysis indicates that most videos take 15-20 minutes to review.

How will I get my feedback?

We will amalgamate the feedback from your reviewers into a composite file that will be emailed to you upon completion.

How is my data protected?

Videos cannot be linked to providers, hospitals, or patients. This is a learning environment to improve surgical technique, and is protected from legal discovery. Please review our data use agreement for more information.

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